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  • Maddie West replied to the topic 'REDD+ and Green Economy' in the forum.
    03 February 2017

    Dear Tanja and Thilal,

    Great idea to share national REDD+ comms strategies. The best place to do this might in the the 'communicating REDD+' group, where you can upload files that other members can also access.

    You can find the group here:

    Hope this is helpful!


  • Tanja Lieuw replied to the topic 'REDD+ and Green Economy' in the forum.
    02 February 2017

    Dear Thilal,

    Thanks so much for your reply! And all the information.

    I was just wondering, if it is possible to share with me the REDD+ Communication strategy of your country? Cause we are still trying to consolidate one for our country in Suriname, and I think we can learn a lot from other countries.


  • Thilal Nanayakkara replied to the topic 'REDD+ and Green Economy' in the forum.
    31 January 2017

    Hi Tanja,

    I'm Thilal Nanayakkara and I am the Comms Officer of the Sri Lanka UN-REDD Programme.

    Green Economy is a very wide and vague concept. Everyone talks about it and have their own definitions of it, and solutions that they offer to reach it.

    The approach that we've taken in Sri Lanka is to begin the process of valuing our forest ecosystems to show that forests contribute to the national economy. This too is an enormous task as finding ways to convince economists and policy makers that keeping forests standing is a better option than deforesting for activities that have obvious economic advantages (such as agriculture, industrial parks, infrastructure and housing projects, etc.) is not easy and requires much research and credible data.

    However, there has to be a start at some point. So the approach taken by the Sri Lanka UN-REDD Programme was to support the Government of Sri Lanka to organise the first-ever 'International Research Symposium on Valuation of Forest Ecosystems and their Services.' You can get more information about the symposium here:

    As you can imagine, gathering and analysing data and building a case to defend forests is a long drawn-out process, which has begun at the readiness phase (Sri Lanka is currently right at the end of this phase) and would continue during the implementation phase of REDD+ in Sri Lanka.

    So I think the challenge that you can give the consultant is to find relevant inroads to show the Government of Suriname that a 'Green Economy' includes a greater emphasis on keeping forests standing; and in this regards, REDD+ is an internationally accepted, credible methodology that needs to be given due consideration.

  • Tanja Lieuw replied to the topic 'REDD+ and Green Economy' in the forum.
    30 January 2017

    Hi everyone and greetings from Suriname!

    We are currently implementing the REDD+ Readiness phase in Suriname, and more specifically, we have contracted a consultant to perform the services of a study called ´Innovative Economic Opportunities´ for Suriname, linked to REDD+ of course.

    What we would be interested in is to link up to other REDD+ countries who have performed such as study as well. What we would like to know is what methodologies have been used in other countries to assess the different opportunities. How can we steer the consultant in the right direction, to take into account the various economic opportunities that pursue a green economy in REDD+.

    Tanja Lieuw

  • Bexley Tapi uploaded a new Profile cover

    26 January 2017