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  • Estelle Fach created a new topic ' How governance can support a REDD+ Strategy' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hi everyone,

    in the UN-REDD Strategic framework and in the materials for the REDD+ Academy, we have proposed to unpack how governance can inform the design, implementation and even monitoring of a national REDD+ strategy. The framework is simple :

    1) To understand the underlying factors that may drive certain drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, or impede effective conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. For example, governance analytics can hep pinpoint specific issues such as weak enforcement and corruption that lead to illegal logging, and sketch ideas to address these.

    2) To develop successful and effective national REDD+ strategies and policies and measures – for example, how governance weaknesses and strengths can inform the feasibility of certain measures to address drivers.

    3) To implement and monitor strategies and policies and measures – for example by drawing lessons from internal or external factors can make or impede successful policy action, or by enhancing the institutional and collaborative capacity of REDD+ implementing national agencies

    4) To promote adjustments in the implementation of REDD+ PaMs, for example allowing for participatory monitoring of the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of such policies and measures

    5) To ensure that safeguards are addressed and respected, by providing enabling conditions as well as through unpacking safeguard 2b

    6) To manage REDD+ funds in a transparent and accountable manner, to avoid corruption risks such as undue influence, fraud or embezzlement.

    Does this resonate with you ? What are your experiences ?

    (I'll attach the full REDD+ Academy module once 100% final)

  • Sun Cho uploaded a new Profile cover

    6 days ago

  • Elina Väänänen replied to the topic 'Africa regional exchange/Échange régional africain' in the forum.
    7 days ago

    Dear all,

    To kick off the conversation, what are your next steps on safeguards work following the regional exchange?

    Best wishes,


    P.s. You can access the workshop materials here:


    Chers tous,

    Pour lancer la conversation, quelles sont vos prochaines étapes en matière de garanties suivant l'échange?



    P.s. Vous pouvez accéder aux documents de l'atelier ici:

  • Francisco Moreno replied to the topic 'Africa regional exchange/Échange régional africain' in the forum.
    7 days ago

    Thank you all.
    I will share with you the presentation from Mexico online..



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    7 days ago

  • Rose Devillier uploaded a new Profile cover

    1 week ago

  • Elina Väänänen created a new topic ' Africa regional exchange/Échange régional africain' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    Dear all,

    You can use this forum to continue the discussion started at the Africa regional exchange workshop on country approaches to safeguards. This way, we hope you can keep in touch with colleagues and share relevant resources.

    On behalf of the workshop team,



    Chers tous,

    Vous pouvez utiliser ce forum pour poursuivre la discussion commencé lors de l'échange régional africain sur les approches nationales en matière de garanties. De cette façon, nous espérons que vous pouvez rester en contact avec collègues et partager les ressources pertinentes.

    Au nom de l'équipe de l'atelier,