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-- Upcoming REDD+ Corruption Risk Assessment Workshop in the Philippines

As part of its targeted support in the Philippines, the UN-REDD Programme is co-organizing with the Forest Management Bureau, GIZ and the Ateneo School of Government a workshop on 15-16 October 2012 to 1) achieve a joint understanding of corruption risks in the context of REDD-plus in the Philippines and 2) validate the methodology to assess the relative likelihood and potential impacts of these risks. More information

In addition to its National UN-REDD Programme, the Philippines is receiving targeted support that seeks to :

  • Contribute to the initial REDD-Plus Strategy by supporting activities that will help identify and characterize corruption risks related to REDD-Plus and consequently identify mechanisms that will mitigate, if not totally eliminate, and then manage the identified corruption risks.
  • Contribute to the crafting of institutional frameworks for equitable, transparent and accountable benefit distribution systems in REDD-Plus
  • Develop and pilot a capacity building programme for the provision of information on REDD-Plus safeguards at the community level.

More information may be found on the Philippines page and the Philippines targeted support folder