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file icon Manual for Local Facilitators -UN-REDD Vietnam-8/October/2013Tooltip
English 10/08/2013
file icon Lessons Learned Viet Nam UN-REDD Programme, Phase 1Tooltip
English 09/07/2012
file icon FPIC_Phase 1_ Photo_documentTooltip
English 06/03/2012
file icon Viet Nam Forest Ecological Stratification Report hot!Tooltip
English 10/16/2011
file icon FPIC Brief Report - Viet NamTooltip
English 09/23/2011
file icon Viet Nam_FPIC Final Evaluation ReportTooltip
English 12/26/2010
file icon FPIC_Reginal WS-ETooltip
English 11/11/2010
file icon Manual for interlocutorsTooltip
English 11/04/2010
file icon Viet Nam FPIChot!Tooltip
English 10/25/2010
*Executive summary provided in English, French, Spanish and Indonesian* This report summarises the steps needed to design a system to assess and monitor change in ecosystem services resulting from afforestation, reforestation and forest restoration projects or programmes. Design of a monitoring scheme involves identifying how the results will be used, selecting appropriate indicators, defining a methodology for obtaining data and calculating indicators, and deciding how frequently monitoring will be undertaken. This report also refers to useful existing guidance on monitoring and indicators that will be of help in deciding what sort of monitoring to undertake and how to do so.
This document, and the related Multiple Benefits Series 6 on Methods for assessing and monitoring change in the ecosystem-derived benefits of afforestation, reforestation and forest restoration have been produced to support Viet Nam in its goals of attaining multiple benefits from forest. This document provides a basis for estimating the probable impacts of different forest cover creation approaches on the ecosystem-derived benefits of biodiversity, water provision, soil conservation and non-timber forest products. The companion paper provides guidance on designing a monitoring system and selecting to provide direct evidence of impacts.
file icon NC SEA-EIATooltip
English 09/08/2010
file icon 2. FPIC First Phase ReportTooltip
English 06/18/2010
file icon FPIC Process revised Gantt chartTooltip
English 04/14/2010
file icon Proposal for an approach to ensure FPIC 2Tooltip
English 04/14/2010