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Latin-American regional workshop on Sharing experiences on NFMS, Ecuador 23-26 April 2013

Enhanced knowledge on forest monitoring and on UNFCCC requirements for REDD+ was a key outcome of the 1st Regional Workshop on National Forest Monitoring Systems for REDD+ in Latin America, which involved 63 participants from 11 countries in Ecuador.

The event covered satellite monitoring, forest inventories and forest management indicators. Its conclusions will inform and guide FAO’s and UN-REDD activities in the region. Read the summary online here or the detailed sessions and presentations below.


folder icon 6 Concept Note, Agenda and Participants list
folder icon 15 Day 1: Introduction and Technical sessions 1-3.
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Technical session 1. Developing a National Forest Monitoring system for REDD+: UNFCCC reporting requirements and UN-REDD approach

  • Technical session 2. Ecuador experience in multipurpose forest inventory

  • Technical Session 3. Exchange of national experiences on the development of NFMS (or technical components) for REDD+

folder icon 18 Day 2: Technical Session 4. Working groups on technical topics: sharing new approaches, techniques and experiences.

1: National Forest Inventories

2: Forest monitoring using satellite imagery

3. Collection of other information in NFI including socio-economic and biodiversity data

folder icon 0 Day 3: Field trip to Amazonian forest to learn inventory plot data collection tools and techniques.
Sesión 4: Integración con datos de campo
Medición de stock de carbono y emisiones/absorciones de carbono forestal vía imágenes satelitales (vínculo con los datos del INF y 
el Inventario de GEI)
Sesión 5: Evaluación de la exactitud de los mapas de uso de la tierra y/o de los mapas de cambio y las estimaciones del área con precisión/errores
folder icon 4 Day 4: Regional REDD+ MRV experience and identification of capacity building needs.
  • Session 5. Experience of other initiatives on REDD+ and M&MRV
  • Session 6. Review of the NFMS for REDD+ information shared during the workshop and identification of capacity building needs.

folder icon 9 Useful background material
  • Background documents
  • Other useful presentations (some not shown at workshop)
folder icon 2 Pictures


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