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You are here: Home All Documents Global Programme MRV and Monitoring UN-REDD/LECB Workshop for Sharing National Experiences, Zambia 25-27 February 2014

UN-REDD/LECB Workshop for Sharing National Experiences, Zambia 25-27 February 2014

Two global support programmes – the UN-REDD Programme and the UNDP Low Emission Capacity-Building (LECB) Programme jointly hosted parallel capacity building workshops providing space for sharing experiences on development of NFMS for REDD+ and national GHG inventory systems. Though each programme’s workshop had distinct objectives and scopes, the issues were closely linked and contained parallel sessions, with opportunities for joint sessions and engagement between participants. View the summary online here or the detailed sessions and presentations


folder icon 3 Concept Note, Agenda and Participant list
  • Concept Note
  • Agenda
  • Draft Participants list (send corrections to UN-REDD-NFMS please)
folder icon 24 Day 1: Introduction and Technical sessions 1-4

Session 1: Welcome & Introduction

Session 2: UNFCCC and IPCC Context

Session 3: Key Components of the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) and the GHG National Inventory System

Session 4: Linkages between REDD+ MRV systems and GHG inventories for the AFOLU/LULUCF sector

folder icon 19 Day 2: Technical sessions 5-8


Session 5: Key components of NFMS

Session 6: Exchange of country and regional experiences on the development on NFMS

Session 7: Collecting emission factors and tiers: NFI approaches

Session 8: Emerging trends and implementation challenges in NFIs for REDD+


Session 5: Good practices in establishing the GHG inventory system (focus on institutional arrangements) 

Session 6: Good practices in establishing the GHG inventory system - institutional arrangements 

Session 7: Good practices in establishing the GHG inventory system - archiving 

Session 8: Creating an action plan for improving the national GHG inventory system 

folder icon 23 Day 3: Technical sessions 9-11


Session 9: Collecting activity data for REDD+: Remote-sensing and land
classification approaches

Session 10: Emerging trends and challenges in activity data collection
for REDD+ (group session)

Session 11: Emerging trends and common challenges in NFMS for REDD+ (group session) 


Session: 9: Introduction to 2006 IPPC guidelines and supporting tools

Session 10: Training on IPPC guidelines (group session)

Session 11: Training on IPPC guidelines cont'd (group session) 

Session 12: Update of national action plans for improving the national inventory

folder icon 6 Other useful presentations and materials
  • Background documents
  • Other useful presentations (some not shown at workshop)
folder icon 23 Pictures
  • Zambia_UN-REDD/LECB_Workshop_2014
    We have created this folder for photographs from the event. Please feel free to download them or contribute your own photos from the event to this folder. In order to upload photos, you must first become a member of the workspace.