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REDD+ Resources
Useful capacity building resources to improve understanding of REDD+ and associated issues. Includes training manuals, presentations and useful websites.


folder icon 20 Safeguards and social impact assessments
Materials on applying safeguards or social impact assessments to ensure local communities are not adversely affected by projects or activities concerned with ecosystem management.
folder icon 72 Understanding REDD+ & Climate Change

Resources aimed at building understanding of what REDD+ is, how it works and its implications for different stakeholders.

folder icon 11 Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)

Resources and guidance materials to improve understanding and assist in the implementation of FPIC processes.

folder icon 39 Stakeholder engagement and capacity building tools
General resources for stakeholder engagement and capacity building activities, including guidance for workshop facilitation and community consultations.
folder icon 19 REDD+ Websites
A collation of REDD+ websites from a range of organisations with news, information and resource materials.
folder icon 10 Gender
Resources to assist understanding of the appropriate consideration of gender issues in climate change and REDD+.

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file icon Paraguay brochure ESP highres-3/February/2015Tooltip
English 02/03/2015
file icon Paraguay Brochure ENG highres-3/February/2015Tooltip
English 02/03/2015
This discussion paper presents the Action Research Project to Develop a National Quality-of-governance Standard for REDD+ and the Forest Sector in Nepal, which was launched by IGES, Griffith University and the University of Southern Queensland. The process of developing a voluntary national standard in Nepal through online surveys, key informant interviews, a multi-stakeholder forum and field consultation, has provided an innovative and field-tested apporach to standards development.
file icon Governing_the_forests_e-verTooltip
English 02/19/2013
Governing the Forests: An Institutional Analysis of REDD+ and Community Forest Management in Asia ( Puppim de Oliveira, Tim Cadman, Hwan Ok Ma, Tek Maraseni, Anar Koli, Yogesh D. Jadhav and Dede PrabowoITTO and UNU-IAS, February 2013 | ISBN: ISBN 978-92-808-4542-6 This report aims to serve as a useful reference for policymakers, professionals and practitioners as they work to promote REDD+ in ways that tackle climate change and biodiversity loss but also respect concerns and listen to the voice of local stakeholders. It presents a background on REDD+, explores ways to link REDD+ to community forestry, and provides lessons learned and recommendations. The report explores case studies from Bangladesh, India and Indonesia, focusing on successful examples of forest-based climate change mitigation at the community level, and the role of public-private partnerships for community forestry and REDD+. Each presents a different system of forest governance, with varying degrees of community management and success. In reviewing the case studies, the authors conclude that local systems will be a key to the successful outcome of any global efforts for carbon payment schemes in developing countries. Linking community forestry and REDD+ can deliver multiple benefits from climate change mitigation and adaptation, livelihood development and strengthened sustainable forest management (SFM). Criteria for success identified in the report include: linking community forests to international regimes, including those aimed at addressing climate change, promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, as well as building strong local institutions for forest management; connecting carbon management to local forest management practices and economic activities; establishing community benefit sharing; and clarifying land tenure and resource use rights. The report also emphasizes the importance of strong monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems, not only as it relates to carbon accounting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but also with regard to the participation of interested parties in decisions regarding the sharing of benefits arising from payments for ecosystem services, and overall forest management.
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English 01/23/2013
file icon REDD_Law_MatoGrosso_Brazil_Portuguese_2012Tooltip
English 01/23/2013
file icon REDD+ Resources Master List of Documentshot!Tooltip
English 10/13/2011
REDD+ Resources Master List of Documents in PDF format. Categories Include: Folder Location, Title, Publishing Organization, Document Type, Description, Hyperlink Created October 2011