The REDD+ Academy is the UN-REDD Programme's capacity development initiative. As part of the Programme's knowledge management support to partner countries it seeks to enable systematic, focused capacity development to deliver REDD+ on the ground. Download the REDD+ Academy brochure in EnglishFrench and Spanish.


2nd edition Learning Journals (2017) / course topics

The REDD+ Academy curriculum and Learning Journals are structured along the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ of the UNFCCC. 

  1.  Forest, Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change
  2.  Understanding REDD+ and the UNFCCC
  3. Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation
  4. National Strategies and Action Plans
  5. National Forest Monitoring Systems 
  6. Forest Reference Emission Levels
  7. Policies and Measures (PAMs) for REDD+ Implementation
  8. REDD+ Safeguards under the UNFCCC
  9. REDD+ Finance
  10. Approaches for Allocation of Incentives
  11. Introduction to Stakeholder Engagement 
  12. Good Governance

Learning Journals compendium (one document containing all 12 modules listed above)

The REDD+ Academy Learning Journals are continuously being improved. We encourage feedback at .



Erik Solheim: NEW - 2nd edition of Academy Learning Journals
Thais Narciso: Introduction to REDD+Academy
Asia-Pacific National REDD+ Academy sessions
Academia REDD+ para Latinoamérica se realizó con éxito en Argentina
Latin America & Caribbean Regional REDD+ Academy successfully held in Argentina


Purpose and guiding principles

The aim of the REDD+ Academy is to build the knowledge base for REDD+ readiness and implementation, in particular for REDD+ decision-makers from sectors outside of forestry/environment.

The development of the REDD+ Academy represents a comprehensive response to capacity building needs identified by UN-REDD Programme partner countries. Accordingly, the design of the REDD+ Academy is guided by the following principles:

  • Engage new REDD+ practitioners in key policy and economic sectors relevant for reducing deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Build on existing REDD+ capacity development initiatives;
  • Ensure the delivery of a long-term and sustainable learning experiencere the deliv
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