Tenure Security

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    The provision of clear tenure rights over forests provides motivation to sustainably manage forest resources, thus contributing to the goal of reducing carbon emissions. Likewise, clarifying tenure rights strengthens accountability. By identifying who owns, manages and uses forests, more effective engagement on the ground in activities to address deforestation and forest degradation can be achieved.

    The challenges faced in many developing countries with regard to tenure and REDD+ often stem from the difficulty of reconciling customary rights and statutory law, combined with increasing pressure on forest resources. Some common issues that relate to REDD+ include: lack of legal provisions to recognize customary forest tenure; lack of transparency in transactions related to forestland; costly and cumbersome forestland registration procedures that tend to exclude the poor; lack of enforcement of existing forest tenure claims, and lack of institutional capacity to address forest tenure issues.

    While not a requirement, the Cancun Agreements request developing country parties to address land tenure issues (1/CP.16, paragraph 72) when developing and implementing their national strategies. Thus, many countries have acknowledged the importance of tenure in the context of REDD+ and have been seeking support from the UN-REDD Programme in this area. The UN-REDD Programme’s focus on tenure stems from understanding tenure security as an important enabling condition for REDD+. It is important to stress that each country will determine the appropriate approach to deal with tenure issues based on its unique situation. Depending on country needs and priorities, the UN-REDD Programme may support both short and long-term activities, ranging from technical advice on tenure reforms based on participatory approaches, to training on the use of specific tools and methodologies to improve land use planning and management. In addressing tenure and REDD+ the following are important:

    • To support a country-driven approach to tenure and REDD+, whereby multiple stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the process of assessment, capacity building, and reform;

    • To utilize the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT) as a guiding framework for addressing tenure issues in the context of REDD+;

    • To emphasize the importance of customary ownership rights and the rights of indigenous and local communities;

    • To promote the mainstreaming of gender and the use of gender-sensitive approaches; and

    • To encourage an integrated approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of forest tenure with the broader land and resource tenure regime. In particular, to identify and take advantage of synergies related to in-country VGGT activities. 

    Outcomes and Outputs

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