The UN-REDD Programme Assembly is a broad multi-stakeholder forum with the role to foster consultation, dialogue and knowledge exchange among UN-REDD Programme stakeholders. Its responsibilities are to:

  1. Discuss progress, challenges and lessons learned and to share REDD+ best practices, as well as recommending actions to improve the Programme’s performance and impact;
  2. Promote collaboration with other initiatives, including the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, Forest Investment Programme, BioCarbon Fund, Green Climate Fund, and the Global Environment Facility;
  3. Discuss developments in the international REDD+ processes and initiatives and potential impacts on and synergies with the Programme; and
  4. Advise the UN-REDD Programme Executive Board of the results of its deliberations on the matters referred to above and on any matter that is referred to it by the Executive Board.

The Programme will seek sponsorship, depending on fund availability, for representatives of its Partner Countries, indigenous peoples, civil society organizations, and local communities that are associated with the UN-REDD Programme or that work on REDD+ matters.


UN-REDD Programme Assembly Composition

  • Representatives of each of the donors to the UN-REDD Programme Fund;
  • Representatives of each of the UN-REDD Programme partner countries;
  • Representatives of the national indigenous peoples and civil society organizations that are members of a UN-REDD National Steering Committee;
  • Representatives of regional or international indigenous peoples and civil society organizations;
  • Representatives of the other UN-REDD Programme-related international programmes and funds, such as the FCPF, FIP, BioCF, REDD Early Movers , Green Climate Fund and Global Environment Facility;
  • Representatives of the private sector; and
  • Representatives of each of the three participating UN agencies (FAO, UNDP, UNEP).

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Key contacts

Ms. Mihaela Secrieru ()
Programme Management Officer, UN-REDD Programme Secretariat
Ms. Frances Lim ()
Programme Associate, UN-REDD Programme Secretariat