Conservation International held a side-event regarding the development of naitonal and regional REDD+ frameworks in Peru on 13 June 2011 at the Bonn UN Climate Change Conference. Find out more about this event.

This event showcased CI's work, with local partners, in supporting the development of REDD+ in Peru at both the national and regional level. They presented their methods, processes and results used to consolidate REDD+ in the San Martin region, including development of a near real-time forest monitoring system.

The Alto Mayo River in northern Peru passes through the Andean forest on its way to the Amazon basin. Illegal land-clearing within the upper elevation areas of the watershed threatens the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, which contains habitat for many unique species. Over the past three years, CI has initiated the design and implementation of REDD+ activities in the Upper Alto Mayo watershed of San Martin as part of its forest carbon and Conservation Stewards Program portfolio. They have recently secured the support of the Walt Disney Company for long-term compensation of the REDD+ initiative. Additionally, the government of Norway is providing investments for national REDD+ readiness. These initiatives aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of the REDD+ mechanism to Peru's national government.