The UN-REDD Programme in Indoensia has released a report on Central Sulawesi's Readiness to Implement REDD+ after 2012 along with a Q & A on UN-REDD Programme Indonesia's Pilot Province: Central Sulawesi to shed more light on the Provincial REDD+ Working Group's efforts in the pilot province. Read more on the Working Group.


The Provincial REDD+ Working Group was established in February 2011 through the Governor’s decree in Central Sulawesi.  The members consist of representatives from the government agencies, NGOs, CSOs, academia, and the private sector.  With more than 70 members, the Working Group focuses on  four areas thorough subgroups:
1) Policy on implementation of REDD+ (Provincial Strategy)
2) Institution and Methodology
3) Demonstration activities
4) FPIC, Empowerment and Development of Local Capacity and Community. 
Most recently, the Working Group IV has been working on and preparing for FPIC by developing guidelines.