UN-REDD Indonesia is collaborating with the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) to conduct an inclusive multi-stakeholder consultation process that will produce Indonesia’s first National REDD+ Strategy. Bappenas and the UN-REDD Indonesia programme now invite international multi-stakeholders to give their inputs to the draft (downloadable here), before 25 October. Click here for more information

After a series of consultations for the initial drafts of the Strategy, a series of Regional Consultations is currently being held in order to ensure multi-stakeholder participation from all regions in Indonesia. After this, international multi-stakeholders can give their inputs before Bappenas and UN-REDD conduct a National Consultation workshop in order to approach a national consensus. A final document is expected to be ready by mid November. The final draft will be a ‘living’ document, meaning that new insights and inputs may be incorporated into the document as REDD+ evolves. The document will function as a guideline for the development of Sub-National REDD+ Action Plans and will be mainstreamed into the development processes. Lessons learned will be shared with other countries.

More information about the process and drafts of the Strategy are publicly available in Indonesian and in English on UN-REDD Indonesia’s website: www.un-redd.or.id. Comments and inputs to the National REDD+ Strategy can be sent to and