In November 2013, a workshop was held in Calabar, Nigeria, as part of ongoing support by the UN-REDD Programme to that country to develop a country approach to safeguards. The workshop objective was to build capacity of the multi-stakeholder group (from the federal and Cross River State level) on REDD+ safeguards and the potential benefits from REDD+ and to undertake initial work on identifying priorities for safeguard development.


Following the multi-stakeholder meeting, a meeting of the Nigeria safeguards task team was held. They applied the new country approach to safeguards tool in order to develop a workplan and identify tools for developing a country approach to safeguards. The ongoing participatory governance assessment for REDD+ (PGA) process in Nigeria was also presented at the workshop, and its synergy and coordination with the emerging work on safeguards and the newly constituted safeguards task team discussed and agreed upon at the follow-up meeting. Finally, on the last day, a GIS focus group was held with participants from the Cross River State Forestry Department and WCS to introduce them to new open source software. Links to the presentations on are here.

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