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On 17-19 September, the regional African workshop "Planning for REDD+: Incorporating multiple benefits and safeguards” was held in Nairobi, attended by 45 participants from 16 countries, alongside donor, civil society and indigenous people's representatives. The aim of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of countries preparing to implement REDD+ safeguards to mitigate potential harm from REDD+ while enhancing the potential for social and environmental benefits.

After several practical clinics and working sessions, participants left with practical exposure to tools for developing a country approach to safeguards, resources related to spatial REDD+ planning, a greater understanding of the Cancun safeguards and a draft list of next steps related to their REDD+ strategy development.

Identified future needs by countries during the workshop included the need for resources to support community engagement and further facilitation of South-South learning. Countries expressed significant satisfaction with the workshop content and timing. The presentations from the workshop can be found here.


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