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The world's first REDD+ Academy designed to energise efforts to combat deforestation by creating financial value for carbon stored in forests, was launched in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, bringing together 83 representatives from Asia-Pacific governments, Indonesian parliamentarians and members of the media. The REDD+ Academy workshop began on the 27 October and continues until 7 November. The aim of the REDD+ Academy is to broaden the implementation base for REDD+, by training decision makers in sectors outside of forestry. The UN-REDD Programme facilitators are currently training three different groups of participants in Indonesia: 30 Members of the Indonesian Parliament, 32 environmental journalists, and 35 experts from Governments and NGOs across our 16 partner countries in Asia-Pacific including staff from Ministries of Planning and Agriculture.


Presentations are being given by UN-REDD Programme agencies as well as external experts such as Pavan Sukhdev, and scientists from CIFOR and IUCN are providing training on all key aspects of REDD+, offering a 'one-stop shop' approach to REDD+; and the UNEP UN-REDD Programme are coordinating the REDD+ Academy process. To further expand the availability of the course materials to a wider audience, the REDD+ Academy modules will be underpinned by a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) being launched in 2015.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the head of Indonesia's national REDD+ agency, H.E. Heru Prasetyo, emphasised the need to continue coming together to work on these issues into the future. “This is a catalyst to action within and throughout national societies. It aims to equip all of you with the tools to understand what sustainability means in relation to forests, and the costs of not pursuing it,” he said.

Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP, welcomed delegates via a video message.

"With well over 50 countries now engaged in the UN-REDD partnership, we have a unique opportunity to do something that perhaps has never been attempted in this form and with this ambition before," Mr. Steiner said. He described REDD+ as the "single-largest effort to address the issue of deforestation and to address the question of how we will secure the vital role that forest ecosystems play."

Link to full video clip with Mr Achim Steiner’s Message to launch of REDD+ Academy: Download here

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All presentations from the Academy will be uploaded on the workspace and also shared more widely through the UN-REDD website shortly.

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