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Mario Boccucci, Head of the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat, presented an overview of the Programme's progress on the opening day of the official 14th Policy Board Meeting of the UN-REDD Programme taking place 21-22 May in Washington, DC.

mario presents overview results 21-05-15 rt med


The presentation presented the outputs, outcomes and results of the Programme in an aggregated format that was postively received by policy board members. His presentation also highlighted the risk management process implemented by the Programme to respond to risks based on lessons learned. 


Overview Presentation 21May - Outputs-outcomes-impacts slide med


The presentation also reviewed progress of partner countries working towards achievement of Warsaw Framework for REDD+ requirements. This perspective was also very well received by policy board members.Also well received by policy board members was the focus on gender in the Programme's annual progress report. 

This was followed by a presentation on the status of the UN-REDD Programme Fund by Pierre Bardoux-Chesneau of the Multi-Party Trust Fund. The fund presentation included an update on fund contributions and commitments and guidance to the policy board on the timeline for allocation and use of funds. The presentation also highlighted a postive increase in the fund delivery rate to a very good 73%. 


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