The three-day Knowledge Exchange on Policies and Measures in the framework of the REDD+ strategy launched today, 25 September 2015 in Abidjan with the participation of Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tunisia and Cote D’Ivoire. The workshop is organized by the UN-REDD Programme's regional Africa office and provides the space for learning and exchange of experiences between countries on the development of REDD + policies and measures. 

Over the course of the next few days the participating countries will share knowledge and promote understanding on the technical, legal, institutional and operational  aspects on which countries work to guide and make informed decisions on the development of REDD+ policies and measures in connection with the preparation of their national strategies. The innovation of this event – consists in the size of the group that allows for ample direct discussions and the ability to have in-depth dialogues to disseminate more concretely lessons learned and best practices. The workshop is also an opportunity to assist countries in identifying specific actions to promote the development of their REDD + policies and measures , taking account of the Cancun Agreements and Warsaw Framework for REDD+.