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On Sunday, 8 November, the UN-REDD Programme and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility jointly organized the 2015 Global REDD+ Knowledge Exchange. The event brought together 100+ participants from 30+ countries for a country-led event in which countries shared their REDD+ experiences on eight key topics. The event was webcast live, and individual session videos are now available for viewing and sharing. 


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Toresri lanka 2MariaGustavo Suárez de Freitas PeruDiana Vargas   Colombia


All videos are in the original language of the presenter. Subtitled videos will be available in the coming weeks.


Session 1: Early lessons learned from engaging the private sector in REDD+
Session 2: Progress and challenges on forest reference levels for UNFCCC
Session 3: Carbon stock assessments and monitoring in indigenous territories in Latin America
Session 4: Country experiences in the development and prioritization of REDD+ Policies and Measures
Session 5: Synergies on land-use/REDD+ in countries’ INDCs submitted to the UNFCCC and national strategy documents and REDD+ programmes
Session 6: Country approaches to REDD+ safeguards, including REDD+ safeguards information systems
Session 7: Social inclusion and REDD+
Session 8: MRV Experiences and South-South Cooperation in Mesoamerica


Session presentations and additional recommended session resources are available online for both participants and general REDD+ audiences. These may be accessed here

Photos from the event are available here.

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