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UN-REDD Programme’s REDD+ Academy seeks to build capacity and understanding among government and other stakeholders about REDD+ through a “training-of-trainers” approach.  Recognizing the need for country-specific capacity building in countries that are preparing to implement REDD+, REDD+ Academy sessions are now being offered at the national level.

In the Asia-Pacific region, national REDD+ Academy sessions were held in Vietnam, Bhutan and Myanmar during the months of September and October 2015, as follows:

Viet Nam: 14-18 September, in Hanoi

Bhutan: 12-16 October, in Paro

Myanmar: 22-27 October, in Nay Pyi Taw

Viet Nam Academy IMG 4725 1024x665   SWP 0119 1024x617
 IMG 0404 1024x485  IMG 4722 1024x554  Myanmar Academy
Viet Nam session of the REDD+ Academy Bhutan session of the REDD+ Academy Myanmar session of the REDD+ Academy


Evaluation results from the three national sessions revealed high overall satisfaction with the content and arrangements of the events by all trainees.   

The Myanmar national REDD+ Academy session was held in Naypyitaw from 22-27 October with 20 participants from relevant line ministries and civil society organizations.  Participants showed their enthusiasm and commitment to further support on-going training for various REDD+ stakeholders in Myanmar.  Having more capable resource persons to help building capacity for the people in the country would be the most essential and help to meet the high expectations from the Myanmar government.

“The REDD+ academy is very important for our country, for acceleration of the REDD+ readiness progress in Myanmar. To do so, we need more technical people and we need a lot of resource people from the relevant stakeholders and the line ministries,” said Dr Thaung Naing Oo, Director of the Forest Research Institute, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry in Myanmar. She added that all the 12 topics covered in the REDD+ Academy were very useful, especially for all relevant stakeholders to better understand and support the national REDD+ readiness programme.

“I am very amazed by this training. This training is very good and very useful for me. In terms of the contents and the process, I have learned a lot. The training design, presentations and group exercises are just right for us to learn,” said Khin Moe Kyi, the Training Coordinator for the Center for People and Forests.

“It is the first REDD+ training in Myanmar. It is very useful. We can learn all of the REDD+ process, and all the presentations are clear and very informative and comprehensive. So we can easily understand and adopt when we provide training extension in the country, as one of our next planned activities,” said Dr Yu Ya Aye, Staff Officer to Forest Research Institute, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

Lessons learned were derived from feedback from presenters and participants over all three events, and can be accessed here. Video highlights the national academies can be found here.



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