Flyers with information on enhancing social and environmental benefits of REDD+ in Panama and Paraguay through spatial planning are now available.  By helping to identify areas with potential to deliver multiple social and environmental benefits from REDD+ policies and measures, as well as those under pressure from deforestation or suitable for forest restoration, spatial information can help to show where REDD+ actions could potentially deliver benefits in addition to climate change mitigation.  These flyers illustrate how spatial analyses in Panama and Paraguay can be used to support the development of national strategies and implementation plans for REDD+. 

While the primary aim of REDD+ is to contribute to climate change mitigation by maintaining and enhancing forest carbon stocks, well-designed REDD+ policies and measures can also deliver additional social and environmental benefits. Depending on how policies and measures are planned and implemented, they may also pose certain risks. Achieving multiple social and environmental benefits - while avoiding risks - can help to increase the long-term sustainability of REDD+, and is also in line with the UNFCCC safeguards for REDD+, which have been developed to promote benefits and protect against risks.

The flyers are available here: 

Further information on the multiple benefits of REDD+ in Panama and Paraguay is available in the publications Planning for REDD+ in Panama: securing social and environmental benefits and Mapping multiple benefits of REDD+ in Paraguay: using spatial information to support land-use planning. For materials from other countries, please visit the Multiple Benefits Country Resources Hub.

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