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UN-REDD Programme technical experts recently shared their knowledge at a “Training the Trainers” workshop on REDD+ Monitoring, and Measurement, Reporting and Verification, hosted by the Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) from 4-7 July 2016 in Lima, Peru. A selected group of 35 experts from the region gathered to learn about national forest monitoring and MRV techniques, including the use of GFOI’s Methods and Guidance Documentation (MGD), technical assistance approaches, and tools and technologies supported and/or developed by FAO, including OpenForis tools.

The purpose of the workshop was to enable the participants to combine this new technology expertise with their existing local knowledge of the unique national situation in their home countries, and deliver subsequent trainings to  broader groups of stakeholders that are aligned with national needs and priorities.

UN-REDD Programme experts(Adolfo Kindgard, Angel Parra and Inge Jonckheere) participated as trainers in the workshop and shared existing tools and options with the participants in order to allow them to choose the best technical solution for their mapping and monitoring needs. Among the tools presented were the SEPAL platform, the OpenForis Geospatial toolkit and the accuracy assessment tool developed through the UN-REDD Programme and various FAO initiatives.


About GFOI

GFOI is a forum for coordination between international partners on forest monitoring and MRV support for REDD+ countries ( Both FAO and UN-REDD are leading partners in this initiative, the Secretariat of which is currently hosted by FAO HQ in Rome. GFOI partners aim to consolidate their resources to provide a more holistic package of support. This involves coordination across four key components; (i) Capacity Building, which is led by the UN-REDD Programme and US SilvaCarbon; (ii) Methods and Guidance Documentation (MGD), led by Australia with extensive contributions from international experts including some UN-REDD Programme staff; (iii) Space Data Coordination Group (SDCG), led by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and; (iv) R&D Coordination, led by the GOFC-GOLD Office at Wageningen University. 


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