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Building bridges over the vast Pacific Ocean, the UN-REDD Programme in collaboration with the South Pacific Community (SPC) are supporting Pacific countries on the key MRV elements of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+; National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) and Forest Reference (Emission) Levels (FREL/FRL). Both the Solomon Islands and Fiji have recently received tailored support toward development of NFMS and FREL/FRL respectively.

Photo: Field training on the use of Open Foris Collect Mobile.
Botanic Gardens, Honiara, Solomon Islands. 
Credit: Javier García Pérez

The Solomon Islands are receiving support toward their first National Forest Inventory (NFI), a key element of the countries’ NFMS. A workshop held 11- 15 April focused on building capacity on the use of Open Foris Collect Desktop and Collect Mobile applications, two of FAO’s technical solutions to facilitate NFI implementation. Over five days eleven forest technicians learned to build field forms that were transferred to mobile devices that can be used during the field data collection. These tools help minimizing surveying time while automatically checking and correcting possible errors incurred in a normal field campaign.

Fiji recently received support on the estimation of emission factors from a recent NFI and a network of permanent sample plots (PSP). Over five days (23-27 May) twenty South Pacific Community and Forestry Divisions officers increased their capacity on how to estimate carbon, biomass, stocking and species diversity for the different forest carbon pools, and to understand the estimation of uncertainties typically needed for reporting to the UNFCCC.

Future activities in both countries will continue to build capacity toward key MRV elements for participation in REDD+, both in the design of a cost-effective and complete NFI (Solomon Islands) and the revision of emission factors to prepare a FREL (Fiji), with the support from the UN-REDD Programme through FAO and the South Pacific Community.

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