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The Programme Executive Board (PEB) of the UN-REDD Programme in Myanmar provides guidance to and oversight of the UN-REDD National Programme, and thereby supports effective and efficient REDD+ readiness processes.  One of the requirements of the UN-REDD Programme is that one representative of each of both Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and Indigenous Peoples’ (IP) or Ethnic Nationality (EN) organizations should be members of the PEB.  These should be organisational, rather than individual representatives.  A self-selection process in July, 2016, with facilitation and support by Programme Management Unit (PMU), of the UN-REDD Programme resulted in two representatives from CSOs and IP/EN Organizations being selected. 

The Myanmar Environment Rehabilitation-conservation Networks (MERN), a local NGO network comprised of 17 member organizations, was selected as the representative of the CSOs. The Promotion of Indigenous and Nature Together (POINT), entity facilitating and managing a broad network of IP/EN groups in Myanmar is to represent IP Organizations. To ensure continuity of institutional memory, each group also selected an alternate representative.

The selected organisations will be part of a network with effective and functional mechanisms to share information, enable consultations and solicit feedback at national and subnational levels. The results of the selection process were documented and communicated to the National Programme Director of the UN-REDD Programme in Myanmar.

One of the key responsibilities of the representatives is to share information, decisions and/or results discussed at the PEB meeting to their groups, organizations and networks and receive and bring back feedback, ideas, concerns and voices of groups and organizations to the PEB in order to reflect and discuss the real situation and their involvement in the implementation of Myanmar REDD+ Readiness process.

During the self-selection meeting, groups of CSOs and IP/EN organizations established selection criteria, such as interest and willingness to participate in a a timely manner, experience on climate change and environmental conservation, having good communication with line agencies, and being able to provide strategic decision and policy advice.

Recently the two representatives also participated in the first PEB meeting held on 12 September, 2016, facilitated by PMU. Results will be shared and published on the Myanmar REDD+ National Programme’s web site.


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