At its twelfth meeting in October 2014, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board requested the Secretariat to provide a document for consideration by the Board at its fourteenth meeting in October 2016, allowing for the operationalization of results‐based payments for REDD+ activities under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Under UNFCCC decision 9/CP.19, the CGF has been encouraged to play a key role in collectively channeling adequate and predictable results-based finance in a fair and balanced manner, taking into account different policy approaches, while working with a view to increasing the number of countries that are in a position to obtain and receive payments for results-based actions. REDD+ activities are defined and implemented in three phases: 

During last month’s meeting, the Board agreed that REDD+ phases I and II are eligible for funding through the GCF, using existing modalities, tools and programs. Additionally, the Board further decided that at its March 2017 meeting, it will consider a request for proposal for results-based payments which will include further guidance on how countries can access RBPs. The Board also decided that countries can access funding through the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme for developing their national REDD+ strategies or Action Plans and investment plans. 

These decisions signify that countries are able to access a number of modalities within the fund to finance REDD+, and that the UN-REDD Programme and it’s participating agency’s REDD+ teams can help countries navigate through these complexities and identify the best way to access funds for REDD+, depending on their needs. The GCF Board, having considered a paper entitled 'Support for  REDD+', approved the following actions:

  1. Recognized the need to complement other sources and types of finance, and that the GCF can “support the development of national REDD+ strategies or action plans or investment plans, including through the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme, and that the fund can support the implementation of REDD+ strategies or actions plans”
  2. Decided that Phases 1 and 2 of REDD+ are eligible for funding through the GCF, using existing modalities, tools and programs.
  3. Requests the GCF Secretariat to develop for consideration by the Board at its 16th meeting a Request for Proposals for REDD+ results-based payments (Phase 3)
  4. Requests the GCF Secretariat to implement a process for stakeholder and expert input to support its work under this decision and make a progress report to the Board at its 15th meeting (Dec. 2016)

As an important meeting outcome, the UNDP-supported proposal for REDD+ in Ecuador was approved for funding by the Board. This is the very first proposal on REDD+ supported by the GCF, and is fully consistent with the UNFCCC decision and the Warsaw Framework on REDD+. 

UN-REDD Programme at GCF

FAO's Assistant Director-General Mr. Rene Casto presented to the GCF board on behalf of the UN-REDD Programme on the current thinking on REDD+ (see video here, item 8b).