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The Myanmar REDD+ Programme, supported by the Myanmar UN-REDD Programme, recently developed a stakeholder consultation and participation plan for the purpose of identifying key institutional stakeholders and how they should be engaged in the upcoming development of National REDD+ Strategy, as well as its implementation in the near future.

Starting from a list of stakeholder groups identified during Myanmar’s REDD+ Roadmap process, questionnaires and selection criteria were developed to identify additional key stakeholder groups. This was followed by an assessment of their institutional mandate, interest in REDD+, ability to influence development of REDD+, and capacity to engage in REDD+. Based on the criteria, the initial rapid assessment was carried out internally by the Programme, and further complemented by questionnaires sent to stakeholder groups.

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The general selection criteria was developed, among others to focus stakeholder groups’ relationship to drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;  scope of networking and recognized representation of stakeholder groups; capacity in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities in REDD+; and rights to land use, access and management. Questionnaires were also developed to determine interest in and expectation from REDD+. The survey was carried out online, through mail, fax, telephone, and face-to-face interviews. The results from the survey supported a stakeholder mapping and analysis exercise.

Results from stakeholder mapping and analysis were then shared with respective Technical Working Groups (TWG) who provided further feedback. As a result, some stakeholders were added to the stakeholder list groups, such as the Rubber Planter and Producer Association being added to the private sector group. It was recommended that expert members should be appointed to join the TWG when required, and technical reports should be made available online for public reviews.  

The consultation and participation plan has now identified numerous key stakeholder groups –government agencies, national forestry and environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international or regional NGOs, knowledge institutions, the United Nations and Donor Agencies, ethnic nationalities networks, private sector, women and youth networks – including how and when they should be engaged in the development of a National REDD+ Strategy in Myanmar.


To learn more about the UN-REDD Programme’s work in Myanmar, visit the country page here or the National REDD+ website here.


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