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After a technical presentation of a draft Forest Reference Level (FRL) at the UNFCCC CoP21 in Paris, the Cambodia REDD+ Technical Team finalized its Initial FRL and submitted it to the UNFCCC in early November 2016.

This initial FRL was submitted on a voluntary basis and it is an important step leading the Cambodia REDD+ Programme towards eventual results-based payments,” said Mr. Leng Chivin, FRL Technical Team.

The FRL is a benchmark to assess a country’s progress in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. It is based on historical emission levels, and also takes into account the national circumstances of the country. Mr. Leng Chivin explained, “Cambodia’s Initial FRL is based on the historical average of net emissions from deforestation between 2006-2014, which amounted to about 79,245,643 tCO2 per year.”

 Recoft NTFP CF Boundary Identification 

To avoid any leakage issues, the scale of the FRL is national. Mr. Chivin said, “Due to limitations of forest degradation data, the scope of activities only includes net deforestation. This means that the FRL will assess only REDD+ activities that address drivers of deforestation, changes from one forest type to another, and afforestation.”  

Whilst making significant progress in finalizing the FRL, Cambodia was also completing the National REDD+ strategy (NRS).  “The NRS has received strong support from key policy makers, and all key stakeholders at the National Consultation Workshop held in late August 2016,” said Dr. Khorn Saret, the Head of Cambodia REDD+ Secretariat, adding that, “It is now being polished to ensure accuracy, and consistency with the FRL, and will soon be submitted to the Royal Government for endorsement.”

These significant steps have enabled Cambodia to receive additional financing from the Forest Carbon Partnership Program (FCPF). Mr. Nhem Sovanna, National Program Adviser for the FCPF project commented, “The FCPF head office is allocating additional financing of 5 million US dollars to Cambodia REDD+ Programme to finish the Readiness Phase.” From that amount, 2 million USD dollars will tentatively focus on advancing the FRL, and strengthening monitoring and evaluation framework.

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