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To coincide with the onset of winter snow in Mongolia, which places severe pressure on communities living in the rural areas, as part of the UN-REDD Mongolia Programme Communications, Knowledge Management and Media Strategy, the Mongolia's REDD+ Programme has undertaken a number of media and communication events aimed at highlighting the importance of forests in addressing climate change.

Mongolia is the only UN-REDD Programme partner country containing boreal forest, and is highly vulnerable to climate change. This is due to the double edged sword of both extreme cold and increasing warming, with an average temperatures in recent years 2.1 degrees higher than historical averages, an increase much greater than the global average. This, in turn, affects melting of glaciers and permafrost and ultimately will have impacts on available water resources. The increased severity of dzuds, extreme cold winter events, places inordinate pressure on rural communities, and this ultimately impacts forest resources.

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To highlight these issues a number of communication activities have been undertaken for the general public and decision-makers to raise awareness about the importance of forests in addressing climate change.  These include:

  • A university student competition to highlight how ongoing research can contribute towards improved forest management, undertaken with eight universities;
  • A national photography competition to attain graphic media images highlighting the role of forests in green development and conservation; and
  • An art festival with the University of Science and Technology, School of Industrial Technology to produce art materials and innovative video graphics from urban youth and school programme with an ongoing project which has formed Eco Clubs throughout Mongolia.

It is anticipated that these activities will generate more interest and support for improved management of forests through the National REDD+ Strategy, and highlight the unique role that forests have in maintaining water resources, reducing impact of permafrost melting, and improving forest based livelihoods.

To learn more about the UN-REDD Programme’s work in Mongolia, visit the country page here.
or to know about the REDD+ National Programme Mongolia, visit the national website here.

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