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With financial and technical support from Mongolia's UN-REDD Programme, a workshop was conducted to review the use of Collect Earth as a tool for measurement of forest cover change on 17 November. The workshop was intended to contribute to the country’s efforts to improve monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and land cover changes, and to support the National REDD+ Programme, in particular in the development of the National REDD+ Strategy, Mongolia’s initial Forest Reference Level (FRL), and the National Forest Monitoring System.

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The tool was used to objectively assess over 30,000 sample points, and information was collected on land use and forest changes including forest density, using high resolution imagery and the entire Landsat image archive available through Google Earth.

The results show a high degree of correlation with the government’s own existing forest ‘taxation’ inventory, and it promises to be a useful complementary tool to provide accurate assessments of existing data as well as for the construction for the Forest Reference Level.

Collect Earth is an Open Access Platform which provides very high resolution imagery that aids the interpretation of the multi-temporal Landsat archive (1990-today) from Google Earth Engine. It provides powerful graphical interpretation aids and uses a simple a data entry interface that requires little previous skills, and runs on Windows and Mac.

To learn more about the Open Foris software tools, please visit here.
To learn more about the UN-REDD Programme’s work in Mongolia, visit the country page here.
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