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One of the safeguards for REDD+ included in the Cancun Agreements is the full and effective participation of all stakeholders.  Full and effective participation can only be ensured if stakeholders are effectively and accurately informed about REDD+.  Thus, communications in the form of awareness raising materials are critical to ensure respect for this safeguard.

Experiences in other countries have demonstrated that where awareness raising is left to the initiative of individual partners, messages provided to stakeholders on REDD+ may be unclear, confusing or conflicting.  Furthermore, since high quality awareness raising materials may be expensive to prepare, some partners, especially NGOs, may not be able to afford the production of such materials.

Therefore, in order to address these twin concerns (accuracy of information, and access to quality materials by all partners), the REDD+ Office Team in Myanmar, with support and coordination from the UN-REDD National Programme team, has initiated a process to analyze key awareness raising needs, and to compile existing awareness raising materials, so as to identify gaps and prioritize the production of new materials.

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As part of this process, and in order to promote “ownership” of the process among all partners, a multi-partner Communications Review Committee (CRC) is formed by a group of six members. Those members are as follows:

  1. One Representative from Forest Research Institute;
  2. One Technical Expert from the UN-REDD Programme Myanmar;
  3. One Representative from POINT (an indigenous peoples NGO);
  4. One Representative from MERN (an environmental NGO);
  5. One Representative from  CHRO (a rights NGO); and
  6. Communications Officer of the UN-REDD Programme as facilitator of the review process.

The decision was made during the fourth Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards Technical Working Group meeting in September 2016 by Dr. Thaung Naing Oo, Director of Forest Research Institute, and the National Programme Director (NPD) of the UN-REDD Programme Myanmar.

One of the key roles of the Committee is to review materials as they are being produced and to identify those which are recommended for endorsement by the NPD.

Dr. Thaung said, “It's now important to form the Committee when more materials will be produced. The Committee will help review the materials as they are produced, and to ensure the availability and use of high-quality awareness raising materials on REDD+ in Myanmar."

Membership is open to individual from all REDD+ readiness partners who are willing to dedicate sufficient time to play an active role as a committee member.

For more information, please contact: Khin Hnin Myint, the UN-REDD National Programme Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To learn more about the UN-REDD Programme’s work in Myanmar, visit the country page here or the National REDD+ website here.



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