The Democratic Republic of Congo has engaged on a dynamic process to program the first tranche of the REDD+ funds received from the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) to implement reforms and actions on the ground as delineated in the country's REDD+ investment plan. To that end, the Technical Commitee of the DRC National REDD+ Fund has met four times to date to examine submissions received following calls for proposals, and make recommendations to the Steering Committe led by the DRC Ministry of Finance. New pages dedicated to DRC on the CAFI website (in both French and English), describe the background, process and funding decisions to date.


Background :

In 2012, the DRC adopted its National REDD+ Framework Strategy, aiming to stabilize forest cover to 63.5% from 2030, and maintain it thereafter. The 2015-2020 DRC REDD+ Investment Plan stems directly from this Framework Strategy, and fully complies with its strategic guidelines and essence.

Addressing all direct and underlying drivers (agriculture, wood energy, forestry, mining and oil, infrastructure, land use planning, land tenure, demography, and governance), the REDD+ Investment plan includes sectoral approaches and integrated programs.

The REDD+ Investment Plan was formally adopted by the Government of the DRC and presented to the CAFI Executive Board in December 2015. It formed the basis of the Letter of Intent with CAFI in April 2016, which, with the accompanying capitalization of the DRC's REDD+ National Fund, marked the start of the programming phase for implementing the Investment plan.  

On 20 October 2016 the REDD+ National Fund Steering Committee approved 4 programs for US$ 45 millions.