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The Green Climate Fund is transferring its first REDD+ disbursement to help Ecuador reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect its forests

On August 2nd 2017, Ecuador was the second country in the world to complete all the requirements to receive results-based payments for REDD+ set out in the UNFCCC Warsaw Framework for REDD+ (second only to Brazil). Indeed, Ecuador’s  emission reduction of over 28 MtCO2 for the period 2009-2014 have now been published on the Lima RED* Information Hub along with all other relevant documentation on the National REDD+ Action Plan, Forest Reference Emission Level, and Summary of Information on Safeguard ( The country hopes to secure additional finance from the international community in the form of Results-Based payments from REDD+ once modalities to provide such payment are defined under the GCF.  The UNDP REDD+ team is proud of having supported Ecuador’s REDD+ readiness process since 2012, hand in hand with FAO and UNEP through the UN-REDD Programme.

Ecuador's National REDD+ Action Plan was officially launched in November 2016, and institutionalized by ministerial decree. The plan prioritizes actions to implement the five REDD+ eligible activities. It also provides the legal context and details of the institutional arrangements to respond to the different requirements of the UNFCCC by including provisions relating to gender issues, safeguards, land tenure, forest governance, and full and effective participation, including a free, prior and informed consent guide for implementation of REDD+ in indigenous territories.

In 2016, Ecuador drafted detailed implementation plans for these measures, focused on the sustainable production of palm, coffee, cocoa and cattle, as well as forest conservation, restoration and ‘bio-business’ through the Socio Bosque Programme, control of deforestation, traceability and responsible purchasing of forest products. This complements engagement with the National Development Bank to fund sustainable production by revising their credit lines and promoting changes to direct financing for REDD+ compatible activities in the land-use sector; as well as establishing the National Environmental Fund, which is a pre- requisite for support from the German-led REDD Early Movers program. 

As a result of ongoing support through the UN-REDD Programme, Ecuador successfully mobilized US$ 41 million from the Green Climate Fund. The project “Priming Financial and Land-Use Planning Instruments to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation” includes UNDP as an accredited entity. The project will be instrumental in supporting the implementation of a sub-set of measures and actions prioritized in the REDD+ action plan. Read more here.

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