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The Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) supports REDD+ countries to develop their national forest monitoring systems and associated emissions measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) procedures. GFOI Capacity Building Summits are held to provide an opportunity for partners of GFOI to reflect on progress to date in forest monitoring capacity building efforts and discuss the way forward.

Bringing 50 persons from 14 countries together, the 3rd GFOI Capacity Building Summit took place from 18 to 21 September 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Once again, this gathering created a much-needed global forum for capacity building and stocktaking, as well as designing, developing, and operating forest monitoring systems and procedures for measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) for REDD+.

GFOI group photo

GFOI Capacity Building Summit, ICIMOD, Nepal, 18-21 September 2017.
Photo: Jitendra Raj Bajracharya/ICIMOD.

With a clear focus on the necessity for capacity building efforts to be aimed directly at priority country needs and delivered according to the unique circumstances of each country, the summit explored various options and methodologies that can effectively and efficiently bridge existing knowledge gaps.

Along with the technical support of a range of partners, this exchange was an opportunity to assess, prioritize, and jointly plan targeted and harmonized capacity building activities that will help countries make progress towards improved monitoring techniques and reporting for REDD+. Country representatives were also trained in the use of GFOI’s REDDcompass, which is a valuable tool for identifying gaps in national measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) processes for REDD+.

The assessment of the impact of capacity building efforts on development of MRV systems showed that there is a need to develop more sophisticated means to facilitate coordination between partners, including through a global inventory of capacity building activities and harmonized work planning.

The Summit produced a set of draft principles for good practice capacity building that will enable more efficient coordination between partners when monitoring progress. The aim is to finalise these principles and apply them during GFOI’s second phase, which begins in 2018.

Through the UN-REDD Programme, FAO looks forward to co-chairing the capacity building component of GFOI’s second phase. 

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