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Statement on the Terrorist Accusation Against Ms Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Ms Joan Carling


Ms. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Ms. Joan Carling have been proactive stakeholders of the UN-REDD Programme over the years and are former members of its Policy Board. In this vein, we wish to share the statement from the Head of UN Environment condemning the allegations and requesting that they be dropped. We also share the statement by the UN Office for Human Rights via a press release. Both Ms. Tauli-Corpuz and Ms. Carling are globally-recognised human rights defenders. Their contributions to the UN-REDD Programme have always been progressive, constructive and valuable. They have helped develop policy and finance initiatives for forests while contributing towards the drive to reduce deforestation under the UN Climate Convention. They have been actively involved in developing policies to respect the rights and livelihoods of indigenous peoples, and serve them positively. For instance, they helped design the UN-REDD Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), contributed to the diverse UN-REDD work on social and environmental safeguards, and supported UN-REDD's community-based REDD+ programme (CBR+) from its inception.

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