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Strengthening regional collaboration is crucial to improving capacities for sustainable forest assessment 


With the aim to exchange knowledge and experiences on forest assessment and forest monitoring, 70 experts from 14 countries and 32 Governmental, academic, research and non-governmental entities met from 7 to 10 May 2018 in Sylhet Bangladesh. Organized by the Bangladesh Forest Department with technical support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Silvacarbon, with financial support from USAID, and technical contribution from the UN-REDD Programme, this regional workshop contributed to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences with a focus on national forest inventory (NFI) implementation, the use of NFI data for national plans and strategies, and program sustainability and institutionalization.

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National forest monitoring and assessment (NFM) provides information countries need to manage their forests sustainably and meet national and international reporting requirements. The forest monitoring process includes data collection, analysis, and dissemination to a variety of stakeholders, and is shaped by specific monitoring needs, environmental conditions and forest types. This process also typically uses a national forest inventory as the data collection tool that drives other NFM activities. The experience gained by countries in their NFM activities is invaluable to other neighbouring countries, and exchanging ideas and collaborations strengthen national capabilities for NFM.

Therefore, this regional workshop was an opportunity for each country to learn and benefit from each other, particularly in a facilitated workshop environment that promoted networking. During the workshop, the Bangladesh Forest Department shared its experiences with implementing the Bangladesh Forest Inventory (BFI), from the design to quality assurance and control procedures, from field data collection to remote sensing, from the application to modern technologies to sustainable forest monitoring.

DSC 0839 72During the regional workshop, participants had the opportunity to share experiences in NFI implementation, adoption and adaptation of new technologies, use of NFI data to meet local, national, regional and international needs, and discuss about the importance of sustainable forest monitoring and sharing information between national entities to build multi-sources and multi-purpose national forest monitoring systems.

Zaheer Iqbal, National Program Coordinator, Bangladesh Forest Department said “ Through this regional workshop, the Bangladesh Forest Department had the opportunity to share his experience in implementing the Bangladesh Forest Department with neighbouring countries and to identify potential ways to strengthen regional collaboration.

Matieu Henry, Chief Technical Advisor, FAO Bangladesh said “This regional workshop was a great opportunity to highlight the need to strengthen regional information exchange to build sustainable and modern forest monitoring systems and support sustainable forest management and conservation.

This regional workshop was a great opportunity for countries to show different activities and to share their experience for strengthening potential south and south-east Asian collaboration for forest resource monitoring and assessment.


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Chief Technical Advisor, FAO Bangladesh

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