Led by the National Technical Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards (TWG-SES), and based on stakeholder inputs, Myanmar has released its national clarification of the Cancun Safeguards for REDD+.


A national safeguards clarification explains what the principles of the REDD+ safeguards mean in the national context and uses terms that are understood and accepted by a national audience. It identifies priority issues  and takes into account the existing framework of policies, laws and regulations in the country.

The national safeguards clarification for Myanmar was published in English and Myanmar language.

The preparation of the clarification is an essential step in the development of Myanmar’s national safeguards approach.

For more information on safeguards work in Myanmar and other countries, please visit the Safeguard Hub.

For more information on REDD+ in Myanmar, please visit www.myanmar-redd.org and the Myanmar REDD+ Programme on Facebook.