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COP22: Green Climate Fund Dialogue on REDD+ Results based payments: Sharing experiences and lessons learned

Saturday, November 12, 2016, 01:00pm - 03:00pm
By maddie_west


Over the past decade, a number of bilateral and multilateral initiatives, including those providing early Results Based Payments (RBP) were launched to support REDD+ activities. Overall, in recent years, despite the commitment of financing to recognize result-based actions, there has been limited disbursement owing to several factors, including the time took under the UNFCCC to complete the development of guidance for REDD+ implementation, notably the Warsaw Framework for REDD+, and that by forest countries to advance from the stage of readiness to other phases of REDD+.

In October 2016, the GCF board decided to take further steps to operationalize results-based payments for REDD+ and requested the GCF secretariat to prepare a request for proposals for REDD+ RBP as well as to develop further guidance to support efforts by national designated authorities and focal points to engage with the GCF in early phases of REDD +. This decision also requested the GCF secretariat to implement a process for stakeholder and expert input to support its work under this decision and provide a progress report to the Board at its fifteenth meeting in December 2016.

In this context, the GCF can play a significant role in supporting countries achieve scale by delivering adequate and predictable finance, complementing other existing sources of finance and helping catalyze public and private financial flows. Lessons learned and best-practices should inform any further initiatives to support developing countries in the implementation of REDD+ activities, including those of the GCF.

We invite attendees to join the dialogue on experiences and lessons learned from other initiatives supporting REDD+ implementation and how the GCF could enhance its complementarity with other available financial resources in that regard.


  • To receive feedback from donors and REDD+ country practitioners on their emerging good practices and experiences regarding REDD+ results-based payments design considerations, and to inform GCF work developing a RBP scheme.
  • To collect views from stakeholders on issues related to the way forward for RBP implementation.

Panel members:

Moderator: Maria Jose Sanz – Basque Centre for Climate Change


  •          Mr. Victor Kabengele Wa Kadilu,  REDD+ National Coordinator – Democratic Republic of Congo
  •          Ms. Leticia Guimaraes, Manager, Climate Change and Forestry at Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (MMA) - Brazil
  •          Dr. Nur Masripatin – Director General of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry -Indonesia
  •          Dr. Christiane Ehringhaus - REDD Early Movers Program
  •          Marte Sendstad / Vedis Vik - Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative
  •          Mr. Juan Chang – Green Climate Fund



The dialogue will start with a brief presentation of GCF’s REDD+ developments followed by the introduction of the panel members. Each panelist will be invited to give opening remarks based on assigned guiding questions for five minutes, followed by moderated discussion with follow-up questions. 

Over the course of the session the panelists may cover some of the following guiding questions:

  1.       How are scope and scale determined, what lessons have been learned, how to strike the right balance?
  2.       What are the governance and institutional requirements to ensure successful delivery and use of RBPs?
  3.       How was the price of carbon determined and how were payments defined?
  4.       Two key achievements and two major challenges of their respective REDD+ RBP programs;  
  5.       Which criteria were used to select applicants into the REDD+ RBP programs?
  6.       How was the price of carbon determined and how were payments defined?
  7.       How was carbon accounting addressed (e.g. FREL/FRL period and setting, start dates, etc.)?



This event will be open to all registered participants of UNFCCC COP22. 


Venue: Blue Zone, Room 14
Country: Morocco
Time zone: Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC)
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Tags: Morocco
Type of event: REDD+ meetings (non-UN-REDD Programme e.g. UNFCCC, FCPF, CBD etc)
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City: Marrakech