UN-REDD Programme 2016-2020 Strategic Framework

This document was presented to the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board at its 14th meeting held in May 2015, and the following decision made:

Decision #3: 2016-2020 Strategic Framework

The Policy Board:
i. Welcomed the outcome of the process to develop the strategic framework 2016-2020 and endorsed the overall direction of the strategy as outlined in the UN-REDD Programme Strategic Framework 2016-2020 (UNREDD/PB14/2015/III/3);
ii. Recognized that the strategic framework 2016-2020 will be complemented by a fully narrated results framework, further refining the arrangements for Programme delivery at global and national level, and a governance structure that ensures effective and operational governing of the Programme; and
iii. Requested the Secretariat to share a thorough and referenced response to how the strategy follows up to the findings and recommendations of the external evaluation.

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