The role of forests in a green economy transformation in Africa

This report provides an analysis of the role of Africa’s forests in the continent’s future green economies. The report points to stark, problematic realities for people of Africa, markets and ecosystems from continuing deforestation and forest degradation. It also offers a glimpse of the positive potential of forests as countries shift toward resource-efficient and sustainable green economies.

Drawing on cases studies from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa, this report looks at successes and failures, obstacles and opportunities for forests in Africa. What is clear is that democratic decision-making and local leadership are crucial to enjoy sustainable benefits of this natural capital. Access to financing and green investment will also be imperative.

Policymakers would do well to draw on this report’s recommendations for linking REDD+ planning with a green economy and sustainable investments. The transformation to a sustainable green economy in many countries will depend on the forward-looking sustainable management of forests - one of Africa’s most bountiful and important ecosystems.


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