One of key recommendations of the conference on Rights, Forests, and Climate Change, held in Oslo in October 2008, was that there was an urgent need for credible and independent advice on REDD+.

In response to this need, the UN-REDD Programme facilitated the creation of the Independent Advisory Group on Forests, Rights and Climate Change (IAG), the objective of which was to: (i) offer formal advice to the UN-REDD Programme, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and other groups, as invited; (ii) respond to ad hoc requests and demands from international actors, and (iii) design and organize meetings to review and share global experiences on forests, livelihoods, and climate change.

IAG is an independent and voluntary membership-based body that receives no core funding from the UN-REDD Programme. Membership of the IAG is only open to non-profit, non-governmental organizations. Current members include a mix of international and national CSOs and indigenous peoples’ organizations (see box to the right).

The IAG is very engaged with the work of the UN-REDD Programme and contributes regularly in a number of ways, for example: conducting the self-selection process to determine CSO representatives to the UN-REDD Programme Policy board; providing independent reviews of key documents, such as the Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement in REDD+ Readiness; and through contributing to UN-REDD Programme workshops and meetings, including regularly presenting to the Policy Board and the participation of IAG members in the UN-REDD Programme’s regional consultations on free, prior and informed consent.

For more information on the structure, function and work of the IAG, please visit their website here.