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Overview and updates: Ecuador ensures the PGA feeds into the Safeguards Information System

Through several meetings the Mesa Nacional (REDD+ National Working Group) has recognized the importance of the PGA process in eventually providing
governance data indicators to the Safeguards Information System (SIS), and has confirmed its interest on providing feedback and to oversee the PGA process in Ecuador. 


Several regional workshops are planned for 2014 in the Amazon Region mainly, where local stakeholders are expected to support in the narrowing/ prioritization of governance indicators to be included in the Safeguards Information System. These workshops will focus on: 1: Identifying relevant actors, roles and context of
provincial level governance, 2: Capacity-strengthening of local stakeholders on climate change and REDD+, and 3: Evaluation and analysis of governance issues related to REDD+. Once this is completed, the PGA will be able to support on consolidating a governance indicator framework as part of the national Safeguards Information System. Work will shortly intensify to ensure the governance indicators are compatible with the SIS.

For more information about the PGA process in Ecuador, Diego Avalos (PGA facilitator, Quito) can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Updated 11/3/14) 

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