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The PGA in Vietnam has actively involved stakeholders from civil society and government to analyze and address governance challenges faced in REDD+ preparations and implementation, mostly through a Provincial Working Group established in Lam Dong province, but also through its Expert Panel established earlier in 2014. By building on stakeholder demand for more expertise and by looking to Indonesia in terms of organizational structure of the PGA pilot there, a small and representative group was established mandated to be overall responsible for the strategic direction of the PGA process in Vietnam but also to take decisions on the scope, indicators and data collection methods. The Expert Group is actively considering the inputs from the Provincial Working Group before decisions are taken, and a lot of weight is given to clearly demonstrate to stakeholders how their views and inputs are translated into the further progress of the PGA process - or if it is not, then explaining why other options were preferred.

Currently the aim is to launch the baseline PGA report in Vietnam by June 2014. The report will include an overall analysis of the governance challenges Vietnam faces in their REDD+ efforts, robust data on the prioritized governance areas, as well as a set of recommendations for how to overcome these challenges. Once the findings and recommendations are available, follow-up actions on the recommendations will be prioritized.

The work plan for the PGA in Vietnam for 2014 (quarters 1 and 2) is available here.



Thao Do is the PGA Coordinator for the PGA process in Vietnam; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(Updated 11/3/14)

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