In May 2011, a brainstorming workshop was held with key Nigerian REDD+ stakeholders from federal and state levels in Lagos, during which consensus was reached on the value of developing PGAs for REDD+ in Nigeria. The workshop also identified key governance issues which should be assessed, and on a broad timeline and steps for the first phase of Nigeria's PGA process, which will be from July until December 2011.

From 16-17 January 2013, federal and state level stakeholders representing civil society, local communities and government gathered in Calabar in Cross River State, Nigeria, to both build on previous work within the PGA process as well as recent preliminary governance research conducted in Cross River State. This workshop aimed to secure an understanding amongst the relevant PGA stakeholders, discuss practical issues related to the further process and agree on a management structure fit for the Nigerian context, and reach consensus on priority governance issues before further action on tackling the governance challenges that Nigeria is facing in their REDD+ preparedness process. The following governance issues were agreed for the PGA process in Nigeria:

  • Broad and informed participation of REDD+ stakeholders
  • Harmonization of policy and legal framework for REDD+
  • Transparency and accountability of the REDD+ process and finance
  • Inter-governmental relations and coordination

 On the 18th of January 2013, a smaller seminar and training session with selected members from the larger PGA stakeholder group went more in depth on issues related to indicator development to measure the quality of or progress (or lack thereof) on the selected governance issues and considerations when selecting the
appropriate data collection methodologies. This meeting also aims to agree on a broad structure for the indicator set of the PGA in Nigeria.


More background information about the workshop and indicator training, next steps agreed, the organizational structure of the PGA in Nigeria, and the rough draft of the indicator set may be found here:


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Key documents may be found here

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