The UN-REDD Programme Collaborative Online Workspace is an information and knowledge sharing platform for the UN-REDD Programme, its partner countries and the wider REDD+ community.The Workspace is user-driven, in that the vast majority of content is provided by members.

On this page you can find help resources to guide you through the Workspace. Watch the Quick Tips videos for a crash course on key functions to get started, or download the user guides for more in-depth training. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find Frequently Asked Questions, and feel free to contact  for further support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I register for the Workspace?

While most of the Workspace is accessible to visitors without having to sign in, there are many functions and resources which are restricted to members. This includes the community section, where you can create your profile, create and join groups and discussions, and connect with other members. If you don't sign up or log in, you won't be able to access these areas of the site or any member-restricted content.

It only takes a few minutes to register. Once you've completed the sign up form, you will receive an activation link by email. Be sure to check your junk mail folder if you don't receive it right away.

I signed up for the Workspace but I can't log in. What do I do?

After you sign up for the Workspace, you should receive an activation link to the email you registered with. Once you click the link, you should then be able to log in to the Workspace. If you didn't receive the activation email, please check your junk mail folder. If you still can't find the email or if you have clicked the link but still can't log in, please contact .

Some of the documents on the Workspace are restricted to UN-REDD Programme staff members. If you click on a link to a restricted document before you log in, you will see a 'Page not Found' error. Log in and click the link again. If it still doesn't work, and you believe you should have access to the file, please contact

How can I promote an event?

There are several ways to promote your REDD+ related events on the Workspace.

First, you will want to add the event to the calendar. Then, post an announcement about the event, linking it to the calendar entry so that users can add it to their calendars. Creating an announcement will also ensure that your event is included in the Weekly Roundup. Finally, be sure to tag both the calendar entry and announcement so that they appear on relevant pages, such as the host country page and related work area pages.

How do I post an announcement?

Post an announcement and ensure it appears on the right pages by following these steps:

  1. On the home page of the Workspace, make sure you are logged in and click on “Post an Announcement” under the Announcements section.
  2. Under the 'content' tab:
    1. Enter a title.
    2. Enter introduction text in first text box. This section is for a few catchy lines that encourage readers to click the 'read more' link. Max 1000 characters.
    3. Enter the body text in the second text box. You can add photos, hyperlinks and format the text as you wish. 
    4. Click ‘Next’ at the top of the page
  3. Under the ‘publishing’ tab:
    1. select tags that relate to your announcements. There are three categories of tags; topics, regions and countries. For example, if you are posting a report from an NFMS-related workshop in Cambodia, tag with NFMS, Asia-Pacific, and Cambodia. This will ensure your announcement appears on those three pages as well and on the general announcements page. For more information on tagging, download the tagging guide here.
  4. Click the blue 'Save' button at the top of the page.
What is the Weekly Roundup?

The Weekly Roundup is a weekly email which is generated from the Workspace announcements section, and sent to all Workspace members. Add an announcement to ensure it is included in the next edition of the Roundup. 

How do I share an announcement in the Weekly Roundup?

The Weekly Roundup is a weekly email which is generated from the Workspace announcements section, and sent to all Workspace members. Add your announcement to the Workspace to ensure it is included in the next edition of the Roundup.

What's the best way to find resources about a specific topic?

There are several way to locate resources on the Workspace. If you are looking for information on a specific technical work area, country or region, please navigate to the relevant page to find recommended resources, latest documents and multimedia, announcements and events in one convenient place. 

If you're looking for content that falls under several categories, for example resources or announcements on Green Economy in Africa, use the 'browse by' filter in the library or announcements sections to narrow down search results. Using this tool, you can filter by tags, language, dates and more to find exactly what you're looking for.

Be sure to check the 'meet all selected critera' box if you want the search results to show only content that fits all the search criteria you have selected.

How can I save my favorite documents?

You can save a file to your 'my documents' page by clicking the 'favourite' button.

To quickly access your uploaded and favourite documents, click the blue 'Quick Links' tab on the right of the screen on any page and select 'My Documents',

Please note that these features are only accessible to logged in users.

How can I create a private group?

When you create a new group, there is a checkbox just under the Group Name field that allows you to set the group as private. Other users will be able to see that the group exists, but won't be able to view the group contents until you either invite them to join or approve their request to join the group.

Are events and files I upload to a group accessible by non-group members?

That depends. Files and events added to groups are not added to the general Workspace library or calendar, but if the group is public any user will be able to access them through the group itself. Files and events added to private groups will only be accessible to members of that group. 

When you add a file or event to a group, you will be given the option to also add that file or event to the general Workspace calendar or library.