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November 2009

o Tanzania leads the Least Developed Countries group on climate change negotiations that will determine the future REDD regime at COP 15.

o The National Task force is preparing materials and presentations for COP-15 highlighting four areas: National REDD Strategy;  the current state of knowledge on national forest cover (Forestry and Beekeeping Division /FAO/WWF); Participatory Forest Management (Community Based and Joint Forest Management) at the national level, and application of lessons learned, with a focus on biodiversity conservation and other co-benefits (Forestry and Beekeeping Division and Tanzania Forest Conservation Group); and participatory MRV, or how to involve communities in forest monitoring.  A short film linking REDD and PFM activities in Tanzania is also being prepared.


September/October 2009:

August 2009

24 August: the National REDD initiative is launched in Dar es Salaam.

July 2009:

22 -23 July: A joint mission for the UN team is organized:

June 2009

The National Forest Resources Monitoring and Assessment was launched in Dar- es Salaam, supported by the Finish Government with linkage to the UN-REDD Programme;

April to June 2009

Comments received from the Policy Board on the Tanzania UN-REDD Programme were shared with stakeholders. The comments addressed  the duration of the proposed UN-REDD programme; the need for a better articulation of the linkages with other REDD initiatives in Tanzania; the establishment of fund management arrangements.

March 2009


The Tanzania UN-REDD Programme Document was presented to the Policy Board at the occasion of its first meeting in March 2009, and the budget allocation was approved.

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