Led by the Government of Viet Nam, UN REDD will provide support for the development of an interim REL, including analyses of different technical options for definition of the REL (possibly supported by sub-national scenarios based on administrative and/or ecological divisions). Because a final reference scenario will require significant quantities of data that may not yet be available, an interim reference scenario (or series of) will first be developed. This will allow technical capacity building and better understanding that will the basis for assessment of the need for future adjustments.


Nominally it is expected that this output will generate an interim national scenario, but depending on the quality and complexity of data available, an interim reference scenario may first be developed for one or more of the seven agro-ecological zones of Viet Nam.


Indicative activities include:

· Review of methodologies for establishing REL

· Collection, manipulation and compilation of data required for generating RELs

· Analysis of national circumstances, including the impacts of the global economic crisis on commodity prices, and development of interim scenarios

· Training of government officials in analysis of data and formulation of reference scenario

· Organization of workshops or other events to promote stakeholder buy-in, especially those stakeholders who are often marginalized (ethnic minorities and the rural poor)

· Analysis of current and future causes and drivers of deforestation/ degradation at the national level

· Analysis of opportunity costs of land use

·Identification of additional data needs