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UNEP was one of the main coordinating partners of the Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case, together with CIFOR, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, Profor and other strategic partners.

Hosted by the Royal Society in London from 10-11 June, GLF: The Investment Case brought together more than 200 experts from finance and investment, the UN, not-for-profit organizations and government officials focused on how to incentivize and scale-up sustainable landscape solutions. June 10 was the main day of the event, and informal follow-up discussions followed in funders’ and investors’ meetings on June 11.

UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) co-led many of the sessions during the main day of the event (see agenda here), with experts leading discussions on:

  • REDD+ and the private sector: Leveraging private sector finance for REDD+ implementation  -- download white paper
  • Investing in no-deforestation commodities – The case of palm oil -- download white paper
  • Financial instruments: Unlocking capital for land use and conservation projects – the business case for investing -- download white paper
  • Integrated landscape investments: How to encourage coordination and measure effectiveness across landscapes? -- download white paper

    Informal background documents co-produced by the various experts, which served as a basis for the open group discussions throughout the day, can be found here. For a summary blog by CIFOR, click here.


    For additional information on the topic, a new UN-REDD Programme Information Brief has been released titled Banking on REDD+: Can bank and investor risk policies on soft commodities benefit REDD+?


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