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Lack of data accessibility has been identified by the government of Pakistan as one of the main challenges to support the preparation of the next national communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

To address these concerns, a two-day workshop was held 10-12 March 2015 in Islamabad gathering over 20 country experts from various national and subnational entities for training on how to perform a greenhouse gas inventory (GHG) for land-use, land-use change and forestry  (LULUCF).

The training focused on supporting GHG inventory capacity building of national staff and on the use of the IPCC software, developing an understanding of IPCC methods for a GHG inventory, familiarization with IPCC guidelines and Good Practice Guidance, and enabling participants to use data to undertake exercises for carbon and carbon stock changes in above-ground biomass, soil and other pools.

All participants gave very positive feedback upon conclusion of the training and found the information of crucial importance in building a robust national forest monitoring system for REDD+.

Support for building capacity on monitoring natural resources and particularly forest monitoring was identified as important for Pakistan to operationalize a transparent national forest monitoring system that can support national efforts towards mitigating climate change. 




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