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National REDD+ focal points, greenhouse gas consultants, officers from diverse institutions and ministries and students in agronomy and forestry have been brought together during a four-day training in Abidjan in April 2015. During a series of working group sessions, the Ivory Coast under the lead of the REDD+ Permanent Executive Secretariat (SEP-REDD+), aimed to fine-tune competencies to collect data and calculate emissions for land use, land-use change and forestry.

Forest degradation and deforestation are not uniquely related to activities in the forestry sector. Several agricultural activities, for example the cultivation of cocoa in Ivory Coast, put pressure on forest resources. The collaboration between the different actors involved in the management of natural resources is crucial to ensure the recognition of national efforts and to provide more robust greenhouse gas estimates.

During the training the participants benefited from several modules organized in theoretical presentations and practical exercises to better understand the IPCC principles and methods, using real and simulated data, and the UNFCCC worksheets for the preparation of the inventory. This training enables compilers to improve the national capacities in the preparation of the greenhouse gas inventory and the robustness of estimates in official national communications. 



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