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The Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) launched this month a new web application to help countries develop national forest monitoring systems and associated greenhouse gas emissions measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) procedures. With forests playing a central role in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, robust forest monitoring and MRV systems will be vital in helping countries to meet their emissions reductions pledges and ultimately help to mitigate climate change.

The application, named REDDcompass, provides a systematic workflow approach to guide countries through the otherwise complex process of developing forest monitoring and MRV systems.

“REDDcompass will serve as a kind of buddy to accompany countries all the way through their system design and development phase,” said Dr. Carly Green, GFOI Component Manager for the Methods and Guidance Documentation (MGD), who has led the development of the new tool. “It is designed to make technical guidance materials easier to access and follow in a manner that is conducive with developing country needs.”

REDDcompass provides recommendations on designing and establishing MRV processes that are consistent with IPCC guidance and UNFCCC requirements for REDD+ reporting. It provides access to the GFOI’s Methods and Guidance Document (MGD) and supporting training materials and tools developed by GFOI partners through an easy navigational tool. It also allows users to store information, identify specific training requirements and make enquiries to international organizations relating to their MRV procedures.

The guidance within REDDcompass has been written by a global team of experts and stakeholders who specialize in forest information systems and in the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forests.

“REDDcompass presents guidance material in a manner which allows countries to apply international good practice guidance whilst meeting their own unique needs and national circumstances,” said Inge Jonckheere, the leader of the UN-REDD Programme’s remote sensing and webportals team. “We hope that it will become a useful resource for building capacity and resilience in UN-REDD Programme partner countries.”

REDDcompass is freely available for all countries to access, download and use. To access the web application visit The development of this web application has been supported by the Australian Government.

Watch instructional videos about this tool here.

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